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All financial directors/managers, auditors, accountants, bookkeepers, etc. we urgently refer you to the Acctual Accounting Systems site - please pay special attention to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and the controversial IAS 39.

1 Nov 2006 - 10:30. The Vision and Mission statements below may be a bit ambitious - the original intent of this site was, and still is, to concentrate on Business Exchange i.e. the buying and selling of businesses and franchising, as well as online shopping.

The rest of the site may/should/could remain as is but only in advisory capacity to new business owners; it will most probably change focus to be more aligned with the main purpose of this site and could act as a information hub - rather referring business people to other sites that are more specialised.

Eventually this site should have 2 very dynamic divisions, the business exchange and online shopping; they will be so by their very nature and as they will be database driven. The rest of the sight should be made up of static pages.

Vision Statement

To become and remain the one stop web site for all Micro and Small to Medium size businesses, covering all aspects of owning and successfully running a business.

Mission Statement

To render, with honesty and integrity, a reliable and innovative service to business owners; to assist them to be optimally profitable and efficient, fully informed about the latest trends and development in information technology, accounting and all other aspects of running a successful business; to be fully compliant with all legal and statutory requirements.  

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