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FreeCall 080
Worldwide the FreeCall 080 service has been proven as the ideal way to attract new business. Any call made to a FreeCall 080 number is free of charge to the caller; regardless of its location in the country or where it is answered (this excludes calls from cellular phones). With FreeCall 080, you not only give your customers an added incentive to pick up the phone and call your number, but also show them that you really care by giving them free access to your service.

ShareCall 0860
Usually people do not think twice when making a local call - this is precisely the reason why the ShareCall 0860 service is such a powerful communications tool. The caller is charged the local call rate, regardless of the call location in the country or where it is answered (this excludes calls from cellular phones). You will not be charged for calls received from within your local calling area, but will only be responsible for the long-distance portion of call charges on national calls, where applicable. ShareCall 0860 enables your call centres to be centralised - all callers can be treated as "local" customers. The benefit is that you can gather all your experts in one place and provide a more effective service, while saving on overheads and maintaining a perceived local presence.

MaxiCall 0861
The MaxiCall service allows you to utilise your resources more efficiently as the caller pays the full cost of the call to the MaxiCall 0861 number. The call is charged at a fixed rate, irrespective of the distance of the call. This service is ideal for telemarketing since it discourages responses from people who are not serious about doing business with you.

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